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Cecilia Lee


Cecilia Lee is a writer from Hong Kong, and has a BA in English Literature with a minor in Journalism. She travelled all the way to Scotland in pursuit of her Master’s of Literature in Comics & Graphic Novels, and will shortly return for graduation. She likes to read webtoons, manga, and the occasional DC comic.


With a passion for gaming and esports, she wrote her Master’s dissertation on game-licensed comics in line with transmedia storytelling. She used the League of Legends comics collaboration with Marvel Comics as the main subject for her paper. She wants to bring comics to other media and experiment with the dynamics between them. She has also created a webcomic commission by the V&A Dundee. To complete the project alongside the Masters of Design students, she documented her classmates’ process of creating their webcomics through interviews and photographs, which she combined to produce her own work.

Cecilia aspires to be an editor of comics and game narratives, and has previously completed an editorial internship with a Hong Kong-based publisher, Ming Pao Publications Ltd., where she edited, reviewed and promoted books, interviewed authors, and worked at their Annual Book Fair. She also sourced and wrote up recommendations for potential writers.


This 23-year-old girl loves to travel! Cecilia has studied in the Netherlands, interned in South Korea, and, of course, completed her postgraduate degree in Scotland. She now lives and writes in Hong Kong, where she also works as a QC for a financial printing company.


Twitter: @Caffeinate_Ceci (Oh yeah, she likes coffee!)

Cecilia Lee

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