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Grace Wright


Grace Wright

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Grace Wright started her life in comics with a stack of Sailor Moon manga and a short-lived career as a comics artist on her school playground. While her love of comics never left, she did quickly realize that a career in comics art was not for her. Grace later attended Williams College, and thanks to her advisor discovered a new comics calling in the form of scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with honors for her thesis “Inventing the Wheel: Developing a Critical Theory of Comics Through Neil Gaiman’s Preludes & Nocturnes and Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader.”


After several years working in other industries, including managing a bookmobile, Grace finally returned to her love of comics scholarship by pursuing a Master of Literature in Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Dundee. During this time, Grace also co-founded the Dundee chapter of the non-profit Laydeez Do Comics and spent many hours volunteering in the university archives. Working in the archives opened up new doors for Grace in her studies, particularly in terms of how comics and archives intersect and how that intersection can be used to build a more tolerant future. This new interdisciplinary field of interest resulted in her dissertation, “Keeping the (Comics) World Strange: A Planetary Guide to Comics and Archives.”


Grace currently lives in Nashville with her beautiful, talented fiancée and their adorable cat. If you want to get her immediate attention simply combine the word “comics” with any of the following phrases: queer, yuri, really any form of LGBTQIA+, superhero-adjacent, archival, Warren Ellis, underrepresented narrative, or any variation on the theme of “this makes me feel weird but I like it.”


Twitter: @g_liv_wright

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