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Jon Place


Jon Place is an art tutor and lecturer, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since graduating from his Graphic Communication degree Jon has worked in a wide variety of areas in the design world. After deciding he didn’t like being a graphic designer he swiftly changed career direction, taking on roles as an art director and exhibition curator. Seeking his new career path prompted a move to Edinburgh, where he has found his true calling as an art tutor and lecturer. His specialisations include two vastly different disciplines, new media digital techniques, and traditional drawing and printmaking. You can see examples of his wonderful work here


Jon went on to take the Mlitt in Comics and Graphic Novels at the Univeristy of Dundee where he met the other writers of Minds In the Gutter, and brought his experience of art and design to the deconstruction of comics. His studies focused on how comics are incorporating new media approaches, and adopting techniques taken from film, theatre and video games. Currently his research looks at comics through the lens of the user experience, applying design and video game theory to understand the unique roles and identities that readers take on when experiencing comics as compared to other mediums.

Instagram: @jonathonplace

Jon Place

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