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Thanos Kyratzis


Thanos Kyratzis

Thanos is a Greek writer, with a mind that never stops coming up with new ideas and thoughts. He graduated from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a degree in English Language and Literature, before moving on to the University of Dundee. After completing their Master's of Literature in Comics and Graphic Novels, Thanos’ work now focuses primarily on the comics industry and publishers, and the use of comics in education. Since he’d rather be writing about comics that himself, he’d stop there if he could, but as he has to please his editor, he’ll try to share some more about himself.


He likes to keep life interesting, drinking coffee at night, reading comic books he’s never heard of, going to see plays he doesn’t know, and collecting untranslatable words. Although his permanent residence is in Athens, Thanos travels all over the world to learn more about comics and hone his craft, and will shortly be visiting London to intern with the Guardian. All that moving around means he mostly lives in his own world, but you can get in touch with him by spelling out your favourite word in chocolate on your windowpane (assuming that you’re good at writing backwards).


Or you can try social media; it’s up to you, really.  


Twitter: @ThNostos

Instagram: @tha.nostos

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